Tuesday, February 10, 2009


So, in addition to me picking up the guitar, I've decided to wrap up some more schooling. Yes, I know it's hard to believe but I'm tired of having enough extra hours for two associates, or one bachelor and a half-associate, but never being able to put all these classes together and make a compilation that entitles me to a degree. Since I've been in the legal industry for 8 years, it only makes sense now to either go for the gusto and get either (a) a law degree or (b) get a paralegal degree.

I choose B. Seriously, did you think I would choose law school? Ew. No offense to all the rad attorneys I know, of course. But, ew.

I found a college about 3 blocks from my office that offers a paralegal degree program and evening classes for those "working adults" like me. Sweet. Two of the best parts about this decision is (1) the cost is $41 per credit hour (I am totally paying cash for these classes), and (2) I only need 42 hours to complete the degree requirements. I could be done in 3 semesters and a summer if I really knock it out.

I'll be starting this summer or fall. Wish me luck!


Quattro Stelle said...

Luck! Won't your firm reimburse you for tuition?

Azura said...

My friend/co-worker (yes, I know!) tells me they do not, but I haven't checked with HR yet.

Can you believe that sh!t? $41 per credit hour? Texans like education. For real.