Friday, February 5, 2010

Bloggy Mistreatment

My blog has literally fallen off into the abyss of the forgotten. I have a private forum (i.e., a journal) in which I write down inner-most thoughts that should never be published because there are few strangers that probably read this blog. Anyway, I think recently I've drawn a bit of a blank about what I think may be interesting writing. I'm simply not inspired. Having been unemployed going on my fifth month (*cringe*), I've been in a literary black hole. I haven't really been wasting my time off, per se, but I don't think I've made the most of it. Namely because, after my car accident, I elected not to purchase another car until all the insurance nonsense had been cleared up. Good thing, because shortly thereafter, I was laid off. Thank Jebus for a little foresight and public transportation. I know this all sounds incredibly depressing, but I'm actually very happy. We have our finances down to something so ridiculous you'd think we were living Section 8 large. But, no, we have a great loft downtown and are more than comfortable. I'm not sure what I'll do with all the excess Benjamen's when I get a normal paycheck instead of my government cheese. I'm pretty sure a new pair of shoes will be in order. Duh.

Fortunately, classes started again a few weeks ago, so at least I have something to stimulate my brain. And, many thanks to Beckbee for selling me one of her bikes. She's a great little addition to the family and occassionally keeps me from eating out of boredom! She will be well-used this Spring.

In other news, Vegas is just a few weeks away (see, I can even go on vacation!) and I've been assured that my appetite for memorexing will be duly satisfied. Unfortunately, due to lack of funds on all sides, the big trip we were planning for August has been scrapped. We'll do something not so ambitious, but have an awesome time, nonetheless. We always do.


Beckbee said...

Glad you are enjoying the bike. Have you named her yet?

Azura said...

Yes, indeed. I call her Rhoda...or, ROADa if we want to get cute. :)

Jason Harx said...

Vivaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Las Vegas!