Monday, June 13, 2011

Our Fabulous Las Vegas Wedding

Instead of "I do" he said "Absolutely." And, we said it at the Paris Hotel in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada! 58 of our closest friends and family came to see us exchange vows, while getting into some trouble, having many drinks, and seeing me break my ankle while gracelessly falling from the mechanical bull. I didn't know it was broken until I got home and decided to go to the doctor for an x-ray. Oops. Whatever, I rocked that bull...sort of. Here are few highlights of an unforgettable week. Thank you to all that came out to see us!

It's martini time!

Getting ready to go to the Sin City H3 White Dress Run!

Before the White Dress Run and right before the bull broke my ankle. Yes, I didn't break my ankle the bull did!

I looked good until I fell off. Luckily, no one has any pics of me falling...I hope.

You'll notice that I'm not in this photo. I'm back at the bar with ice on my ankle. Thanks to Karen, Chihuahua and Holly, I was well-entertained!

Karen and I entertained ourselves one day by shooting very awesome machine guns at zombie targets. We were giddy for a while!

Some of my downtown entourage. I wanted to hang with everyone, but couldn't keep up because of the increasing size of my ankle. Thanks, hover-round!

My hover-round train attendants. I'm still the bride even if I am broken!

There's a satin train attached to a hover-round, how could you NOT surf on it through a gift shop?!

One of my oldest, dearest friends.

My lovely matron and maid of honor.

Here I come! I hope you're ready!


As the officiant looks on disapprovingly, he couldn't help but grab my ass.

Mr. and Mrs.

We love making people gag. It's so easy!


Taking this pic was like herding cats! Most of our 58 guests.


Jane Dough said...

Sweet. I almost feel like I was there! Oh, right. I was! Good times! Vegas!

Azura said...

You were were hiding your skinny skank from my camera!