Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Lingering Effects

So, I've been out of my boot for about a month and a half now.  I jumped on my bike immediately after the doctor gave me the go-ahead.  Four days after I was freed, I did a 10-mile ride at the Tour de Goatneck in 45 minutes.  And, at the end of August, I did the 25-mile ride at the Hotter 'N Hell 100 in about 2 hours.  Not bad.  

Cycling season is now at a close and running season has begun, so it's time to start thinking about races.  The most I've been able to run so far is 4 miles, and rather slowly.  The impact of foot to pavement is hell on my healing ankle, my calves and my shins.  My body feels like that of a new runner, and everything from the knee down hurts all the time.  I had ambitions of doing the DRC Half in November, but judging from my performance so far, I think it will be smarter to do mostly short races until the Austin Half in February.  That's my goal race for the season.

However, I do have several short races lined up:
Oktoberfest 5K - Sept
Santa Fe 5K (maybe) - Oct
Rockledge Rumble 15K - Nov
Fired Up 5K - Nov
Turkey Trot 8 Mile - Nov
White Rock Marathon Relay (5 mile anchor leg) - Dec
Houston Marathon 5K - Jan
Too Cold To Hold 15K - Jan
Will Run For Chocolate 15K - Feb
Austin Half Marathon - Feb
Hogeye Half Marathon (maybe) - April

I think I may need to find a 10K somewhere in October, but it's already a busy season.  And, hopefully this year I'll be able to run all my races instead of a few here and there in-between injuries!

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Antje Spethmann said...

I think you should get off the pavement and run on dirt. It is so much easier from an impact stand point.....