Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mid-Week Mind Wander #2

Evidently, there's a bible study group of co-workers that meets in an empty office across from mine every Wednesday at noon. They must've been kicked out of their previous meeting place, because this is a new phenomenon. They call some chick and put her on speakerphone and they all pray and chant, etc. Hell, they may perform ritual sacrifices for all I know.

What's interesting is the people that go into this room. I never would have thought some of them would take a whole hour from their day to study the bible with co-workers. And, it's almost like they're sneaking in. It's bizarre. I know half these people were drunk at last year's holiday party and the other half are notorious gossips. It's like they're saying, "I'm a Christian, but I'm not a nut about it!"

So, I'm wondering...

Let's say I'm a Bahá'í and I want to meditate and pray, as is the Bahá'ís form of worship, at the office during lunch. How would that be perceived?



Jane Dough said...

I'm a Christian, but not a nut about it. ;)

We didn't have a company Christmas party, but if we did, I'd have been drunk.

Azura said...

Ask your co-worker if he wants to have bible study.

Jason Harx said...

I'd call you a crazy and complain to HR that you were proselytizing at work.

Then I'd leave atheist Chick Tracts all over your desk next time you went to lunch.

Azura said...

I'd get you fired for sexual harrassment.

Jane Dough said...

I have no co-workers...only bosses.