Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Pre-Vacation Mishaps

Mishap #1:
On Monday I got a spa pedicure. Yum. My feet were so happy and bright. I don't normally wear bright polish, it's usually a very dark red or black. But, I was feeling particularly cheerful when I went in to get my pedicure. When I got home with my jolly new pedicured feet, we took the tags off the new luggage. I dropped one of the parcels on my foot and totally smudge the big toe. I'm talking major gash in the polish. I became a little unhinged and needed to be talked back from the ledge. I know the ladies will understand. Fortunately, by some stroke of bizarre luck, I just happen to have the exact color polish in my collection. Someone said, "I told you so," under his breath...

Mishap #2:
This morning, I dropped my relatively new, Physician's Formula blush color palette on the bathroom floor. A hair got caught in the lid, and as I was gingerly trying to pull it out...BAM! I saw some pieces on the floor and thought it wasn't a total loss, just a few cracks maybe. Hopefully. I didn't see the compact, it was hiding behind the door. I shut the door and there it was. Lying there pitifully on the floor with a thousand tiny, powdery blocks of color surrounding it. I stared at it, sighed, and walked off to get the broom and dust pan. PF rocks my face off, but I basically just shredded $15 by dropping it. Lame. Since we're leaving at 4am to catch our flight, it looks like I'll be going to CVS down the block to pick up some more at lunch. Unfortunately, I'm downtown and the price for anything downtown is premium. My vehicle is at my place for the duration of our vacation, so there is no escape.

Tonight, we will have a couple of rum drinks on the patio to relax. Let's try not to spill it, eh?

P.S. I managed to get all my vacation gear into ONE suitcase and am only taking 6 pairs of shoes. Thank you, thank you.


Quattro Stelle said...

You are such a girl. A pretty, pretty girl, so really that's just jealousy talking.

Jane Dough said...

One suitcase? You mean you could have stowed me away after all?

Azura said...

I'm not a total girl...I did vodka shots at the bar.

Jane, I couldn't have fit another molecule in that suitcase. What I accomplished was nothing short of miraculous.