Monday, December 15, 2008

Drunk with Power

I have recently fallen behind on the thought-provoking diatribes about all that surrounds me. I have no excuse, I was distracted and someone told me it was "lame." Subsequently, this naysayer has been kicked out of the circle of trust...permanently. Not because they called my blog lame, but for other, more serious transgressions. Just trust me. Moving on...

There have been so many interesting developments of human ridiculousness, that I can barely pick a topic. Let's see...ah yes, Blagojevich.

Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich's bizarre wire-tapped rantings about how much he could get for President-Elect Obama's vacant Senate seat are stupendous. This man has obviously been knocked around a few too many times by the Chicago underground. Seems like G-Rod should've taken heed to the warnings he received regarding the FBI tapping of his phones. It seems Illinois doesn't breed the most righteous politicians...six of the last nine Illinois governors have been convicted, tried or charged with crimes. Perhaps they should try a different line of work because they don't appear to be very good at being either a politician or a criminal.

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