Tuesday, January 6, 2009

So long, 2008

2008 was an incredibly busy/sad/happy/fulfilling/scary/fun/good/reflective year for me. I believe something noteworthy (for me, anyway) happened in almost every month of 2008. Let's see...

January - One of my nearest and dearest had her first baby. He turns 1 year old today. Happy Birthday, Scouty Mac!

February - My sister and I drove to Hot Springs to surprise our dad on his birthday. It was the best surprise ever and someday we'll do it again.

March - I went to KC for my sister's birthday, wherein we treated ourselves to a day at the spa. Fabulous.

April - Celebrated my 2-year wedding anniversary and attended a welcome home party for my ex-husband's good friend returning from Iraq for the second time.

May - My brother, Darius, came home on leave from Guam and I finally got to meet his new wife, Shai.

June - Separated from my ex-husband.

July - Moved to McKinney and landed a sweet job within a week.

August - It was effing hot this month in Texas. I did nothing but work and sweat. But, I did write a slew of political comentary regarding the upcoming presidential primaries.

September - Divorce finalized. That was a sad day. No matter how right you think you are about your decision, I wouldn't wish this feeling on anyone.

October - Moved into Dallas proper. Big city. Holy crap. And, Monica and Holly came to visit and we went to The Impressionists exhibit at the Kimball Art Museum.

November - Turned 29...yeah yeah yeah.

December - Casey/Tina/Mike came down for a visit and we had a bad ass time. It was 75+ all weekend...rad.

I've learned a great deal in the past year, but the most important lesson I've learned is to listen to my gut. It's almost always right. Whether it's telling me I'm hungry or to run screaming in the other direction away from that guy I agreed to go on a second date with, I need to listen to it. It knows. My heart gets in the way of what my gut tells me, and that's been my problem for years. For now, my heart is locked away for safe-keeping and whenever someone worthy steps up, then my gut will tell me that it's ok to let my heart out to play. Happy new year...welcome, 2009.

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