Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mid-Week Mind Wander #1

What would you do if, after eating your weight in salad, you spilled your delicious, Splenda-sweetened (Whenever possible I prefer to to eat, not drink, my calories, unless it's beer/wine.) Jason's Deli iced tea in the elevator?

You're on your way up to the 37th floor, mind you, with no supplies with which to remedy the situation you've created with your clumsiness. Good job.



Jane Dough said...

I would do the right thing and run for paper towels. But it might be difficult to bend over and clean up the mess after consuming that much salad. I would need assistance. :)

Azura said...

That is a good idea, in theory.

We're talking 6 elevators with 39 floors in-between. The chances that I could go find some paper towels and then get the right elevator to open within any normal time frame are negligible. Also, the assistance I had was my friend about to pee her pants from laughing at me so hard. Not much.

I asked the receptionist to call building maintenance. I'm weak, I know.

Jane Dough said...

Ok. I'll be honest. I would have bolted and left the mess intact.

Jason Harx said...

I'd walk out of the elevator behind my co-worker staring at her with a disgusted look and shaking my head.

If anyone is nearby I'd make sure to murmur "some people are so inconsiderate" under my breath.