Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mid-Week Mind Wander #4

Why, in a senior-level college course, does the professor take 2 hours to go over the 7-page syllabus?

I hope all of us can, in fact, read and follow instructions properly by this point. Is it necessary to hold our hands and explain every facet of your policies and curriculum? I could've actually learned quite a lot in that 2-hour waste of time.



Jason Harx said...

The concept of covering the high points and leaving the rest to the reader is a gift few have.

I had a prof. in undergrad that would work out every single operation on every number in a 9x9 matrix. On the board.

I'm talking about a matrix so big he could only fit two of them along the entire wall.

He'd sometimes take an entire class to show one calculation...

Azura said...

You win.