Thursday, June 10, 2010

Incredibly Random Memorexing: Part Duex

That's right, folks! I've gathered random memories for your viewing pleasure for another installment of Incredibly Random Memorexing! Enjoy. Clearly, I did.

Me and the big sister. I heart her.

Hogs v. Aggies

He'll tell you I was too excited about how well we were playing. Don't listen to him. I had the appropriate amount of cheer for my team and respect for his. Oddly, he disagrees.

I will rock your face off with my awesome! (David, pay attention to my awesome...)


30th birthday...I was alternating between vodka and vodka. I like to have options.

Yes, that is a High Life I'm drinking. It's the champagne of beers. That's how classy I am.

I make hoola-hoopin look like cake. Seriously, I do. I'm that good.

Move it, ladies! I'm the only single girl at this party!

I win.

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