Thursday, June 3, 2010

She's Going the Distance

A few weeks ago, I signed up for the Palo Duro Trail Run in October, a 20K (~12.5 miles) of what I hear is some of the most beautiful scenery around. It's held at Palo Duro Canyon State Park, near Amarillo. It’s the Grand Canyon of Texas. Pretty, huh? I’ve never really been much of a runner. I know, shocking with my 26-inch legs and all. I was mostly a gym rat (mouse?) that has always had a like affair with the elliptical and yoga classes.

Sidenote: I miss yoga. I need to find another studio.

So, this will be my first attempt at running any sort of distance. After my last two training runs, I think “running” may be a loose term, for now. I have yet to build up the endurance in my legs to carry me more than a few miles. My boyfriend, who is also in training mode, has set me up with a good training schedule with a steady increase to my goal.

I think two factors will encroach upon me achieving my goal. Number one: we have a very full schedule. We’re rarely home, and when we are we don’t stay there very long. We’re get-up-and-go kind of people. I’m a busy body…I can’t sit still for long. Just ask my boyfriend. Number two: it’s hot and I like my sleep. This weekend, the high is at 100+ degrees and it's barely June. It's not even officially summer yet! Because of the heat, he gets up some mornings and runs at 5am. I cannot do this. I’m ill-equipped. A while back, I did try going to the gym in the mornings before work, but I was wiped out for the rest of the day. I wish I could though. It would make my life more manageable to get my workout out of the way in the morning. But, alas, not so much. On the plus side, 4 miles on my bike counts as 1 mile of running. I have a camelbak for the bike, so longer rides this summer are possible and probable.

Luckily, there is a dreadmill at the gym in our building. If it’s too hot for any outdoor activity, I’ll get at least some of my miles done up there. Hell, maybe there will be a good movie on TNT that will entertain me for a while. It could happen.

About 20 weeks to go. Wish me luck.

Palo Duro Canyon


Jason Harx said...

5:00 training sessions start tomorrow!

Don't try to hide, I know where you live.

Azura said...

You're not a very firm coach! I barely heard you leave this morning. ;)

Marc said...

Looks like a beautiful run. I bet you can be ready to run that far by then.