Monday, September 8, 2008

Should I go ahead and exhale?

I have these kick ass tickets to the Univ. of Arkansas v. Univ. of Texas game this Saturday in Austin. My new boss gave them to me, so of course I there's no way I would turn them down. My sister wanted to go with me, and I was totally down with it and completely stoked, until her mother-in-law decided this weekend was the absolute best weekend to come to Dallas and get her hair my sister. Grrr. Don't bother asking if it was a good weekend or whether or not anyone had plans, just come on down. Sweet. You're awesome. (Note to self: Do NOT do this to your future kids, unless I want to torture them.)

So, now I have the aforementioned kick ass tickets and no one to go to the damn game with me. Seriously, I have never had a problem trying to find someone to go to a FOOTBALL game. Granted, I live 6 hours south of 99% of my friends and they have lives too (pshaw!), but this totally blows. The one awesome friend I've made in Dallas can't go because he has to work, which I understand (pshaw!).

If anyone is interested in going with me, I'm still going...albeit alone. Go HOGS.

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Anonymous said...

Dear person who writes on this blog,

I am glad to hear that you will not let a "mother in law" cramp your style. I am sure you are thinking Mother followed by another word at this time but don't let that sway you, hold true to your happiness. You have two great tickets, a love for the game, and a great smile ready to get behind that wheel with your eyes piercing through that windshield. A gaze focused upon a future that has its arms open ready to embrace you and your passion.